My name is Emmet. I was born in Dublin, Ireland and am currently living in the seaside village of Bulli, just south of Sydney, Australia. For the last few years I have been writing articles for ablog. I would write whenever the mood took me, about books, films, comics, politics – random subjects really. There was no theme, no agenda running through this collection of thoughts, beyond my personal interest that is.

Before our move to Australia my wife, Stephanie (who keeps her own blog – Mental Dexterity) issued me with a challenge – to write a blog for the duration of my visa application to stay in this wonderful country! You see, while I am waiting I am not allowed to take on any paid employment. In issuing the challenge, Stephanie has devised a cunning way to keep me busy while I wait! She went on to set the terms of the challenge.

First, one book review per day.  Second, she will take on the role of editor to make sure all of you out there in cyberspace get something legible. And finally, so as not to bore you to death, each review can be a maximum 750 words.

And so here we are – a book a day ’till i can stay – where the plan is to have a new review posted each evening until I’m granted temporary residence and work rights in Australia. Enjoy, comment, and read! Also, your suggested works for review are welcome and appreciated so pass them on!

For those of you in the Twitter-sphere, please follow my account @TalesAndYarns. I can also be reached via Emmet Dot Ocuana At Gmail Dot Com.

UPDATE: As of April 21 I have been granted a temporary residential visa. So is this it folks? No more book reviews? Well no, I love this site and I love what I have accomplished with the help of everyone who has supported me.

So here is the new mission statement, I will continue to post reviews – just not as often. Enjoy folks.

4/06/11 – new portfolio website is online, go have a look!