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+ Colin Bell comments on his ‘Guest Blogger!’ adventure

Word of Mouse Book Reviews

Tea Time at Annick Press

Tapetum Lucidum

Several Deadly CINEs: My Life in Cinema Studies, Screenwriting and Beyond

A series of interviews for TNBBC titled What I Want To Know

The Lesbrary

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NSW Volunteer of the Year Award – Justine Perkins nominee for Touched by Olivia

NSW Volunteer of the Year Award – Lorraine Huisman for ARAFMI

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Filmink magazine

Interview with John Pilger and review of his new film The War You Don’t See

Interview with Wim Wenders, promoting his 3D film Pina

Interview with actor Erryn Arkin and producer Kasey-Ray Stokes, promoting Followed

Interview with Gustavo Taretto director of Medianeras

Interview with Nabil Elderkin director of Bouncing Cats

Interview with Cathy Henkel director of Project Borneo 3D: An Action Movie

Interview with Danny LaChevre from The Solid State

Interview with Noma Bar on the redesigning of a selection of cult classics on dvd

Quentin Tarantino to screen Aussie biker classic Stone

Sydney screening of Jack Johnson with live performance of Miles Davis score

‘Hunger Games’ cast

The Message Sticks Festival celebrates its 12th anniversary of indigenous film-making

Filming of The Hobbit commences

Joseph Gordon Levitt and Marion Cotillard‘s casting is confirmed for The Dark Knight Rises

Wagner & Me review as well as a mention on distributor Antidote Films website

The War You Don’t See review

Last Train Home review

Carmen 3D review

Babies review

Julia’s Eyes review

Force of Nature: The David Suzuki  review

Medianeras review

Countdown to Zero review

Dead Space: Aftermath


Tastes Like Comics website, with articles and interviews on all things comic book-y.

Comic book author & publisher Jason Franks from Black Glass responds to profile on TLC

Artist Luke Pickett

Ty Templeton links to article on TLC  ‘Say Aren’t You That Guy In A Comic?’


Comicbooked, a popular comic book news site, with articles and reviews.

Jason Franks responds to article on Lex Luthor on his ‘villainy’ website.