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Well that was my first video blog. I hope you didn’t mind it – I certainly should not expect a career on television any time soon. Maybe radio though. I have a face for radio.

On to the competition! Here is a list of books reviewed for the site. If any of them take your fancy, drop me a line either here, via email (emmet[DOT]ocuana[AT]gmail[DOT]com), or Twitter @TalesAndYarns – and tell me why you want to read the book in question.

A review of your own would also be welcome. The more you give me, the easier it will be to decide who gets what. Of course, postage costing what it does, I can only send out one prize, so there’ll be no runners up books I am afraid. Submissions will be welcome before Wednesday 24th November.

Cheers folks,


Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens

Half the Blood of Brooklyn, by Charlie Huston

Dead Witch Walking, by Kim Harrison

Beyond Black, by Hilary Mantel

Inventing the Abbotts, by Sue Miller

The Happiest Refugee, by Anh Do

Wonder Woman: Contagion, by Gail Simone, Nicola Scott and Aaron Lopresti

Mysterius the Unfathomable, by Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler

The King In Yellow, by Robert W. Chambers

Well we have tallied up the comments in respect of our Win a Bookmark competition and I am happy to announce that –

Stacy @ wordofmousebooks




Will each have one of Stephanie’s lovely bookmarks winging its way to them shortly.

Thanks to everyone who took part and please continue to let me know your thoughts and suggestions for the blog.

Why not have a gander at Steph’s etsy store too, where plenty more goodies can be found – Buttons and Cards.

Friends, readers, literary fiends. This week we are running a competition where you can win a home-made bookmark. Yes, this is exciting news! The bookmarks are made by Stephanie and will shortly be made available on her Etsy shop, but not before you can get your hands on one exclusively!

So, to be in the running, we ask you to post a comment on one of this weeks reviews (from Monday). And the best three comments will receive a nice surprise in the post shortly thereafter. But what is the best? Hmmm, we shall see. You can be constructive, you can be funny. At the end of the day, we just want you to contribute and to generate discussion within the little community we have created here.

Also, if you’re on Twitter then why not follow us – TalesAndYarns! Oh, and don’t forget to give us your #FollowFriday vote – we’ll return the favour down the line.

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